PR Love Volution 2016 with Sophis Kasemsahasin, Senior Vice President, Partner and General Manager FleishmanHillard Thailand

FleishmanHillard Thailand led by Sophis Kasemsahasin Senior Vice President, Partner and General Manager, recently attended “PR Lovevolution 2016” Seminar which has been conducted by the Bangkok University for inviting PR professionals in various industries to update information and explore the new ideas about public relations at Windsor Suites Hotel Bangkok.     

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“Public relations are not only the communication tool, but also the chance   to open up new opportunities. Nowadays there has been significantly changed from traditional channels to digital platform. It’s caused to media landscape transformation and all the businesses cannot communicate by using only traditional channels.

Due to the consumer’s behavior, most of people prefer to consume the content through their devices including smart phone, iPhone and iPad. According to the recent survey, there are approximately 20 million facebook users in Thailand and more than 100 million in global. People spend time for playing facebook in an average 3.7 hour per day. Thus, the ‘Internet of Things’ is becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it. On top of this, ‘Big data’ is also important. FleishmanHillard has set up the research analytic team to provide solution in term of content analytic for client so that they can convey the appropriate message and develop communication plan effectively.” Sophis Kasemsahasin Senior Vice President and General Manager, FleishmanHillard Thailand said.

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The Trends and Directions of Public Relations Industry

Experience is driven by

  • Innovation: communicators should select the media and bring the new way of communication to response consumer’s behavior.
  • Disruption: communicators should think outside of the box and brand with the purpose would be considered. You have to identify, embrace, embody, and articulate a brand purpose that inspires your audience to connect with you.
  • Experience: technology always drives and brings new experience to consumers; such as online shopping.
  • Journey: communicators should observe and learn about consumer’s journey to receive the insight and leverage the feedback of consumer experience to improve the communication.

What are the communication implications?

  1. Authenticity: communicators should build the brand journalist and go beyond to communicate not only ‘I say’ message.
  2. Reputation: creating content to map with brand purpose and image.
  3. Shared Value: building the creative storyline to add the impact and value for sharing
  4. Transparency & Earned Trust: delivering message with the transparency and credibility to earn trust among consumers
  5. Humanity: creating shared value to enhance the sustainability.
  6. The Social ‘CEO’: A Social CEO is a chief executive who adroitly uses social media to check the pulse of the organization and channel the energy of the staff. CEO can convey company messages or updated news directly through their social media and this is another digital platform that CEO utilizes to present brand image.
  7. Crisis management: there has been a major paradigm shift in the way crises break in today’s digital age. It is not just about managing your reputation in traditional media sources. It is also about managing and monitoring rigorously on social media accounts, websites and platforms to understand the social dialogue around your brand in order to prevent any crisis before it happens.
  8. New way of PR:
    • Creativity
    • Channel Diversity
    • Earned trust & Reputation
    • Conversation
    • Conversion
    • Organic engagement
    • Measure change
    • Business & society outcome

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