We operate out of Bangkok and serve many of Thailand’s – and the world’s – leading companies, brands and organizations to unlock the potential of ideas designed to travel across today’s most influential channels.

Our Leadership

Executive Message from Sophis Kasemsahasin

Communication is an ever-changing discipline, and the days of sending out traditional press releases as staff newsletters and hoping they’ll be read and acted upon have passed too. Professional communicators have to look at the range of tools available to them, and more importantly, the way people consume information. Each new technology brings a new channel and a new opportunity to reach out to people in the way that suits them.

Here in Thailand, FleishmanHillard draws strength and capabilities to provide holistic communication services to give our clients the opportunity to bring their brands’ stories alive, and more importantly, to resonate and make a major impact.

There will be a shift from talking at the world to making the world talk! If you are interested in tackling your brand’s communication challenges and bringing your brand to life, simply drop me a line at email:
E: [email protected]
Twitter: @sophiskasem