Be Fabulous

From its brand campaign ‘Innovation That Matters to You’, Philips Thailand’s Consumer Lifestyle Business sought to determine how the company’s wide array of innovative products could spell a difference and improve the lives of Thai working women.

The creative and original ideas were designed throughout the campaign. Philips did Crowd Sourcing online which shows results that Thai working women want to be able to manage their work as well as their household duties.

As invaluable insight shows that today’s busy working women, because of their round-the-clock responsibilities, are always connected online, whether through mobile phones or computers, an Online Mirror was created to catch the attention of these busy women. Over women 18,000 views the VDO then registered to the first ever in Thailand Live Streaming Workshop, a real-time participation without women leaving their jobs at home or office.

After learning tips and how to use Philips innovation via workshop, Philips offered the Matchmaking Service aiming to help Thai women achieve their household duties with Philips solutions. Matchmaking Service matched up consumers with a lifestyle icon and products from Philips, at discounted prices plus other fabulous prices and Philips Be Fabulous e-book of lifestyle and household tips. The brand achieved 14,195 times of e-book downloads and 2,305 consumer registrations.