Vejdusit Foundation

The Unlimited Dreams

For the past 30 years, Vejdusit Foundation, founded by Thailand’s largest medical service network Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS), has aimed to endorse the prosperity of Thai people’s health by assisting and sponsoring medical researches and healthcare for the underprivileged people, especially the youths, with the vision that healthy people means quality society.
However, the foundation felt that it could do more to help improve the quality of life and create the opportunity for people in need, especially the future of the country. This year, Vejdusit Foundation set a new milestone of creating the realization of possibility for children with disabilities.
After intensive research, ‘Unlimited Dreams’ campaign was launched, starting with a short movie under the same name, with the hope to use this campaign as a key driver in fostering an equal society, including creating social opportunities for people with disabilities.
Using all communication channels from earned, owned, paid and share, combined with well thought-out communication online and offline contents, Unlimited Dreams’ main activity – the short VDO, was incredibly successful, being viewed by more than 1.85 views within the first month after its launch, gaining positive reception from media and the public; all major media outlets in the country proactively feature Unlimited Dreams story, while several key opinion leaders and real users have made the movie an ultimate viral, creating conversations and impulse views significantly.